The Most Powerful Advertising Mediums in Saudi Arabia

A Rapidly Growing Saudi Market

The Saudi Arabia Market offers a handsome opportunity for foreign investors, traders, corporate tycoons and industrialists. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a population of approximately 30.8 million people according to 2014 census surveys and reports. At the moment, the Saudi market is growing more rapidly and it is one of the most influential parts of GCC, Middle East and Arab world countries. The Saudi market is epitomized by consumers with high disposable income rates. The demand for consumer goods and services has increased during the past few years in the KSA.


Major Marketplaces in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has three primary marketing places which are known as Western Region, Central Region and Eastern Province. In the Western Region, you will find the city of Jeddah as the main commercial hub. In the Central Region, you will find the capital city of Riyadh as the second largest commercial marketplace whereas the Eastern Province is known for its oil and gasoline industry. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is the most suitable marketplace for companies to import goods for their own use.

The Saudi Market Attracts the U.S Exporters

By importing valuable goods, the companies can directly sell these goods to their potential customers at a bargain price. There are plenty of retail outlets in the region. The most important factor is that the Saudi market attracts the U.S exporters immensely. The U.S exporters might find the Saudi market beneficial to hire different agents, brokers and distributors for different areas. The manifold companies and distributors might also be assigned to manage the various product lines and services.

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A Pivotal Role of Saudi Companies in Advertising in the Kingdom

There are numerous Saudi marketing groups, companies and suppliers in the country. These Saudi companies are active in numerous businesses and marketing campaigns. A professional Saudi marketer will generally expect the international trader, supplier or investor to assume the important market development costs, such as the hiring of a professional, loyal and skilled sales & marketing staff.

Generally the foreign investors and suppliers hand over the sales persons to the Saudi distributors in an attempt to provide training, promotion and technical support. Therefore it is very important for foreign suppliers to travel to Saudi Arabia regularly to support their Saudi distributors and marketers.

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Promotion in Saudi Arabia

If you are willing to advertise your brand in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can use the direct marketing strategy although it is not widely used in the region. The personal relationships between merchants and clients are vital in this country. As a rule, the direct marketing is not allowed in Saudi Arabia because of Islamic principles regarding the gender segregation and seclusion in the home.

The Mediums of Marketing & Advertising in Saudi Arabia

Advertising is a rapidly growing industry in the Kingdom and is vital in clutching retail sales and market share. Most companies choose an effective marketing strategy for their advertising purposes. These companies usually spend a huge amount of money on their business marketing in the region. They take advantage of various media channels in order to promote their businesses, involving Television, business magazines, newspapers, classified ads, billboards, trade shows and business promotion events.

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TV Commercials & Ads

Of late, a lot of companies have been marketing their businesses through corporate events, national carnivals and sweepstakes drawings that take place in renowned shopping malls in the country. There are two important channels in Saudi Arabia, which broadcast TV commercials and ads in both Arabic as well as English. The contents of the TV commercials must obey the rules with Islamic values.


Advertising through the International Television Channels in the Kingdom

There are many other alternative advertising ways available for the companies to present their different products and services in the Kingdom. It is known as quality advertising and marketing in the Kingdom through the international television channels such as CNN, BBC, the Middle East Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Orbit and Arab Radio & TV (ART). These media channels cover all kinds of news from political to business, economics to industry, entertainment to sports and religion to so on.

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Print Advertising in Saudi Arabia

Print advertising is also considered as an important part of Saudi Arabia marketing. Many new magazine agencies have been launched on the Saudi market of late. There are many leading magazine agencies in the Kingdom today such as Al-Majallah, Al-Yamamah, and Sayidati. Newspaper advertising is being carried out by these companies in both English and Arabic languages. The price rates for print advertising in the Kingdom vary from company to company, but the advertising rates are certainly lower than in the U.S.

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There are three local daily newspapers published in English which are famously known as Arab News (Jeddah), Saudi Gazette (Jeddah) and the Riyadh Daily (Riyadh). There are some other local newspapers in the Kingdom, including Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Okaz, Al-Hayat, Al Jazira, Al Riyadh, Al Bilad, Al Madina, Al Nadwa, Al Youm and Al Iqtisadiah.


Online Marketing in Saudi Arabia

Nowadays many companies are taking advantage of online marketing services in the Kingdom. The online marketing is a unique way of advertising your brand across the globe as it mainly focuses on digital marketing. The digital marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your products and services on the internet. More importantly, the businesses do not have to spend a lot of time and money on such form of advertising as it is a perfectly affordable promotion for any business.

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The digital marketing focuses on four crucial strategies that include content marketing and publishing, social media marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) and email marketing. Thus, it gives a higher conversion rate for businesses. Another form is online marketing is called as SEO. It is a creative technique to bring organic traffic and genuine visitors on your websites or blogs. The content marketing is one of the binding forces in SEO campaign.

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