How to Install Arabic WordPress Manual – Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for the best open source of blogging online? Do you want to install Arabic WordPress along with Content Management System (CMS)? Nowadays plenty of people and companies are converting their plain HTML reliant websites to WordPress CMS because of good maintainability and search engine friendliness.


An informative and user friendly Arabic WordPress can be easily installed to save your precious time once the website is setup. This article elucidates available yet very important factors you have to take into consideration when you install Arabic WordPress in Saudi Arabia.

Step 1# Download Arabic WordPress

Download wordpress form arabic website


after download how to extract file


Upload all files on your Hosting via ftp ( FileZilla Download )upload-file-via-filezilla

After complete upload all folder you will login in to your cpanel hosting


1-Create Database


after database create User name and password.


Next you will add user to database


Next Now you will connect database and user


Now you will come on your main website or url. when i will open main URL this page show.




You will add

  • Database name
  • User Name
  • Password

and Submit.


Next you will put admin information, example, user, password, email.


After complete this next you will login in Arabic wordpress


After Login you will see this screen.


You will see now you website is working screenshort here


Next You will install WordPress theme. many options on internet to free wordpress theme or primum wordpress theme.

Right now we will show you how to install free wordpress theme.

Free WordPress Themes

How to Install wordpress Theme


after upload theme you will make theme active


Best & Free WordPress Theme List

Try to find a WordPress theme that suits you best. As a matter of fact, there are different types of WordPress themes out there from different web design companies and designers but if you are really searching for unique and customized WordPress themes you might mull over so called “Premium WordPress Themes”. These are topnotch quality themes created by highly skilled WordPress designers or various web design companies. As a solution to your problem, here is a list of 10 best and free WordPress themes which are catchy and you do not have to spend any Riyals to try them out.

1. Balita

It is a wonderful quality e-Commerce design that offers many unique features such as a customized shopping cart, ads banner for business promotion and social media integration. This WordPress theme can be easily optimized for HTML 5 and CSS3 and it also offers a blog integration tool for designers and compound widget zones.



This theme can be used either as your business website or as a profile. It is customized theme that offers the users an attractive homepage design, a blog page and jQuery drop-down menus. It helps you to load fast due to its optimized images and the code is also very perfect. MyCorp theme is very easy to edit and maintain.



When it comes to Shuttershot theme, it is the best option for photographers to display their work. The Shuttershot theme design offers a full screen slideshow template.



It is one of the most popular WordPress themes which can be effortlessly optimized in terms of SEO. It works tremendously good for your business website or a WordPress blog. The Linedy theme is compatible with multiple browsers and it also offers space for your business promotion or marketing with 125×125 banners.



This is 2 column theme feature which offers easy and user-friendly options page for designers. It can be perfectly designed with the striking image of an entertainment website in mind by professional designers. It helps your post thumbnails and it is very SEO friendly theme which is compatible with the updated version of WordPress.


6.Fotofolio Landscape

It is a free WordPress theme for your personal use as it makes a wonderful addition to your photography portfolio. It comes up with 3 best color themes featuring a widget theme, automatic image resizer and a distinctive portion which you can use for your slideshows, testimonials or a blog.


7. iFeature

It offers several features such as HTML5 and CSS3 support. It is slider for your website home page and it offers custom post formats and typography options for designers. You can even use the custom logo on it.


8. Kreativ theme

It is another attractive WordPress theme featuring a faultless design for your business emerging in a silver, white and blue colors. It contains a breathtaking image on your featured posts. You can effortlessly use Google AdSense on it and it offers post thumbnails spontaneously.


9. Thalliumity

This theme displays your famous posts using a jQuery image slider. It offers front page widget for your services and it really suits best for your business portfolios and advertising blogs.


10. GazpoMag

Lastly, it is a rich WordPress theme which can be designed as an online magazine. It offers several important features, such as widget ready sidebar, footer, threaded comments, configurable menus, etc. In addition, it offers widgets for your ads, latest posts, famous posts, comments and social media integration.


Best WordPress Plugins

Are you searching for best WordPress Plugins list online? Well, it won’t be a difficult thing to do for anyone because you can easily find your best WordPress plugins list online. Here is a list of best WordPress plugins for you:

1. BackWpup

This type of plugin can help designers to create a database backup. Thus, it works as a backup for your important files and also improves your company database system.


2. Fancybox

By using this WordPress plugin, you can show your media files simultaneously. You can go through all kinds of linked images on a web page.


3. Contact Form 7

This helps website owners to create an email form for their contact page.


4. Flare

It is a social share plugin that provides wonderful options for designers to ad more like Google+ and so on.


5. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

It helps you to block all sorts of automated spam comments or messages that can damage your site.


6. Google XML Sitemaps

It helps designers to create an XML sitemap file that eventually ensures your site’s indexing.


7. No Self Pings

This WordPress plugin helps you to stay away from trackback links to your website.


8. Limit Login Attempts

This specific type of plugin helps to protect your WordPress site from all kinds of hacking attempts.


9. nRelate Related Content

This is a great plugin that can be used to show the related content with thumbnails. It offers a great option for grabbing genuine visitors on your site.


10. PS Auto Sitemap

You can create the best sitemap page for your visitors by using this WordPress plugin. In addition, you can obstruct the link back to the developer.


11. Quick Adsense

It is not only an routine placement of Adsense code on your website page, but you can also use Quick Adsense for creatig affiliate links on your site. It can be also used for your HTML coded text blocks. It has a built-in Widgets function.


12. Revision Control

It can help to limit the number post revisions that will be store in the company’s database. You can keep your database system running fast by using this WordPress plugin.


13. Subscribe to Comments

This WordPress plugin helps to keep your clients updated on latest comments and replies to their comment.


14. WordPress Popular Posts

This WordPress plugin can be used to show your visitors the all types of popular posts, articles and news in a sidebar widget.


There are many other types of WordPress plugins, including Simple Trackback Validation with Topsy Blocker, W3 Total Cache and Wordfence Security.

WordPress SEO By Yoast


What Is WordPress SEO by Yoast?

It is a complete WordPress SEO plugins package by Yoast that offers an extract preview and a page analysis function. It includes the most stunning looking features that you will not find in any other WordPress SEO plugins. It helps to publish your posts in a completely SEO format. You can optimize your posts, articles, title tags, images and meta tag descriptions for Google listings by using the WordPress SEO plugin. As a result, your blog posts and SEO contents will be indexed properly with more relevance for a unique keyword. Now you will be able to get higher search engine rankings and web traffic.


Here is a complete list of the WordPress SEO plugin features:

  • First of all, it includes a complete page analysis for your website.
  • It contains unique post titles and meta tag descriptions.
  • It offers a Robots Meta configuration.
  • It offers Permalink cleanup, XML sitemaps and RSS enhancements.
  • You can clean up head section and edit your robots.txt and .htaccess.
  • It provides some other important features like breadcrumbs, API Docs and Canonical URL.

Therefore, it can be said that the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast delivers the complete package and guidelines to optimize your pages for best SEO in a much easier way. The interface is attractive and user-friendly.

Disqus Comments


What Is Disqus Comment?

It is referred to as “Discuss”. Therefore, Disqus comments can be used to improve your blog comment system. Actually they allow the users to add next generation community management and social web integration to their sites or blogs on any platform. The disqus comments allow the users an increased social interaction through unique comments. When the social interaction increases, it will automatically grow the community circle. As a result, you will be able to generate good amount of traffic or genuine visitors for your website.

Why to Use Disqus Plugin?

There are SEO experts and bloggers rely on Disqus plugin for their social commenting purpose. Most bloggers utilize Akismet to block spam comments. loves to comments on the web in a completely genuine style by using best Disqus plugin. You can subscribe to comments to keep yourself updated. All these plugins allow the bloggers for improved communication with their readers. Avoid using more plugins as they can create a blog problem for you. It is therefore advisable to you to use Disqus comments to grab the attention of your readers or targeted audience instantly.

The Importance of Social Integration

Readers like comments on different social networking sites. But you can login with some of the best social networking sites for better commenting such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other sites. These sites allow the users to have an easy sign in process. You can also show links to your social networking profiles. As far as Disqus users, they can easily add all their social profiles, blogs and avatar to build their compete profile and establish a good repute. If anyone wants to click on your Disqus comment, he or she can your entire profile online.

Advantages of Disqus Comments

There are a few significant advantages of Disqus comments:

First of all, it helps readers to log in with Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites easily. They can repost their comments quickly. The readers can see your blog on their Twitter and Facebook wall which will ultimately boost promotion of your blog. Moreover users can send their comments to various other social networking sites too. Thus, it will increase your publicity. You can grab all these benefits through Disqus comments.

WordPress Setting

If you want to know about your WordPress Setting, the procedure is very easy, simple and trouble-free.

1. Update Your Title and Tagline

You can pick a URL for example when you get registered online. But you can create any title and tagline for your blog. You can get naming tips from various bloggers and tell your readers or targeted audience about your own blog before they go through a single post.


2. Pick a Unique Theme You Love

If you want to grab the attention of your readers, it is important to select a unique, catchy and comfortable theme. There are plenty of amazing themes available online, and I would suggest you to narrow down your research.

3. Add a Header or Background.

Both of them are great options for designers to customize their blogs, and importantly they are free options. You can add a catchy picture any famous celebrity or add a custom background color.

4. Add a Blog Icon

Here you can add a unique and creative image to use it as your profile picture or header for a certain kind of information that makes a good impression.

5. Add a Widget

When it comes to Widgets, they are add-ons which give your blog a unique functionality and informative content. They do a great thing from displaying your archives to showing Instagram pictures to count down to your marriage ceremony. You can start with an easy text widget and publish a brief description of your blog on your website home page.

You can explore all the things regarding your WordPress settings online. You should also continue to make changes or modifications into your WordPress blog from time to time as these things are good for your happy blogging experience.

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