How to Register Trademark in Saudi Arabia

Do you want to register your “trademark in Saudi Arabia”? Well, trademark registration can be obtained by the Trade Mark Office in Saudi Arabia. The Trade Mark Office works under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) based in Riyadh. With recent developments in the information technology, trademark applications can be filed and published online by the businesses. This has drastically accelerated the timeline for registering trademark applications online without any difficulty. Generally speaking, a brand name registration can be obtained by the company in nine months.


Trademarks can be registered for legal products or services in Saudi Arabia ONLY. There are restrictions where the product like alcohol and other related products or services cannot be protected. Therefore you should be more careful about the legitimacy of the various products and services. Our valuable tips can really help you how to register your trademark in Saudi Arabia.

Conduct a High Quality Search Online

It is very important to conduct a high quality search online regarding your trademark registration. If there is any conflicting mark in the investigation, the Trade Mark Office can straight refuse your application.

Ensure the Trademark Registration at the Earliest Time

You must register the brand name of your company as early as possible because early registration is the key to your business recognition.

Al Arabiya

Saudi Arabia is known for its historic Arabic language, wider region and rich culture. Therefore it is extremely important for you to develop your Arabic branding by registering your trade name in Saudi Arabia.

Legitimate Products or Services

Remember that you can only promote the legitimate products or services in Saudi Arabia by registering your trade name in Saudi Arabia. The promotion of illegal product like alcohol or other related products is not permitted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). That’s what classification is very important in the selection of the goods or services. Also class heading is the key to select the right goods or services for your interest. Avoid using the wrong goods or services for your interest mentioned in the class headings.

Don’t Use the Duplicated Trademarks

You should keep in mind that most objections can be raised on moral grounds to choose the duplicated trade names. So don’t choose the brand names which are already registered in the market.

Be Consistent

You should focus on your product marketing in Saudi Arabia sincerely because any unlawful act can result in your business failure. It is therefore important for you to be consistent and flexible in your business matters. Also you keep away from the temptation of your brand names and official addresses on renewals.

Act Fast

You should act fast and pay the desired fees to the Trade Mark Office. Hence, your trade name will be registered and published online immediately.

Official Calendar

 Also you should choose the official calendar in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because official calendar in the KSA is known as “Hijiri Calendar”.

The Executive Regulation of the Trademark Law


  • Find trademark number
  • Trademark registration service
  • Inquiry about the status of a Trademark Registration Request
  • Online Publishing of Approved Trademarks

Register Trademark Online Video (وزارة التجارة والصناعة)

Step by step Guide how to Register Trademark in Saudi Arabia (Arabic Pdf)

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