Saudi Arabia Ramadan Marketing Guide for 2015/16

Ramadan Kareem Is a Month of Loving and Caring the People

Ramadan is a famous Islamic festival that takes place in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Muslims stay away from any kind of physical consumption during daytime hours throughout this month. Families get together during Iftar time in order to enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods and drinks with their beloved ones. Thus, Ramadan Kareem is a month of loving and caring the people.

The Celebration of Ramadan in More of a Traditional Muslim Style in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a traditional country because Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) laid the foundation of Islam in this region. This is the reason why Ramadan is celebrated in Saudi Arabia in more of a traditional Muslim style.

Ramadan 2015 Marketing

Ramadan 2015 will start from June 17th and end on July 17. After that, the Eid- Al-Fitr / عيد الفطر festival will take place as it is a great time of joy for every Muslim. That’s what plenty of businesses and companies are advertising their products or services for Ramadan 2015 ahead of time.


Extensive Product Marketing during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

The holy month of Ramadan brings an enormous amount of happiness on the face of every Muslim. The sale of consumer goods and services increases during Ramadan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The growth of the local businesses, retail shops, wholesale shops, mini- markets, and local advertisers increases during Ramadan.

Truly speaking, clothing is an important part in Muslims cultures. The sale of clothes increases in Ramadan. Then sale of handmade and crafted jewelry also increases in this holy month. Moreover you can see that electronic shops and markets are fully packed in Ramadan. It seems that everyone is busy in “shopping in Ramadan Kareem”.


Food and Drink Consumption Increases during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

Often, people say that food consumption in the holy month of Ramadan decreases as it is a month of fasting. This is not the case because food consumption increases during Ramadan Kareem. Millions of Muslims eat a wide variety of hot, spicy and delicious foods in the evening after many hours of fasting. The most popular foods eaten in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan are known as Al-Baik Broast Chicken, Baak, Kudu and House of Donuts.

Fast food is becoming rapidly popular in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The sale of fast food increases during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia. Not only this, Saudi people drink a wide variety of beverages and fruit juices on Iftar time in Ramadan such as dates & milk, malt juice, apple juice, tap water, mango, strawberry, banana shakes, pomegranate juices, etc. Ramadan is a time in which Saudi families spend more time on delicacies. There is one important aspect about Saudi people that they become more generous during Ramadan.

Extensive Use of Dates during Ramadan Kareem

One of the most important features about Ramadan Kareem is the extensive use of dates. Usually dates are eaten while breaking the fast after Namaz e Maghrib.

Use of Crescent Moon as an Iconic Symbol and Visual Marketing during Ramadan

Crescent moon is used as an archetypal sign by a wide variety of Muslim organizations in Ramadan across the Muslims countries. Generally this symbol is used on flags for various Muslim countries. Truly speaking, crescent moon sign is the beginning of Ramadan Mubarak. This iconic symbol is extensively used in Ramadan ads and marketing campaigns by a wide variety of organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore if you are thinking of visual marketing in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan, you should never forget to use the iconic symbol of “Crescent Moon”.

Unique Use of Messages by Companies during Ramadan

There are different types of unique messages used in Ramadan by the companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. These messages are given below one-by-one:

  • One of the most commonly used messages by the companies is “Ramadan Kareem”. It is a unique sign of Ramadan blessings from Allah to the Muslims.
  • Another common message used in Ramadan by the companies is known as “Ramadan Kareem”, which means that Allah is more kind and generous in Ramadan. That’s what companies become more generous during Ramadan Kareem by giving the people special offers, incentives, bonuses and other discount packages.
  • Then Happy Ramadan is used by the companies as a unique message in Ramadan marketing in Saudi Arabia.
  • Last, but not the least, Eid Mubarak /عيد سعيد) is used by top brands as the most popular message in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries not only during Ramadan but also during other Muslim festivals. Therefore, companies use the message of “Eid Mubarak/ عيد سعيد” throughout their Ramadan promotion and it seems to be the most popular message among Muslim community.

Promotion of TV Commercials during Ramadan Season

Countless companies are busy in product marketing during Ramadan season. Most of the companies take advantage of TV ads, commercials and promos during Ramadan Kareem. From shoe manufacturers to fashion attire brands, from mobile phone companies to sweet manufacturers and from electronic companies to cosmetic service providers, all other brands are busy in their brand promotion through TV commercials during Ramadan season. Great thing is that companies are successfully able to generate higher conversion rates and sales volumes through TV commercials in this month.


2015 Online Ramadan Promotion by the Companies in Saudi Arabia

As Ramadan is not far away from us, plenty of companies and renowned business brands have launched their online marketing campaign for Ramadan 2015 in Saudi Arabia. These companies are making use of

  • Google Adwords
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Classified ads
  • Video marketing
  • Content marketing

and all other forms of marketing.


Special Ramadan 2015 Marketing by Prolines in Saudi Arabia

If you are willing to promote your brand during Ramadan season, feel free to contact with immediately as they are offering you the best and affordable Ramadan marketing services in Saudi Arabia.

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